Therapeutic Massage – We know each client is different so we will tailor your appointment to address your specific needs. Our therapists will use a single modality or combine several to give you a truly customized massage. Each therapist has their own unique skill set. Please read their bio’s to find the right fit for you. If booking online feel free to leave a message in the “notes” section, such as pressure preference and any special needs. Below is a quick reference based on pressure to assist with scheduling.

  • Jess McGuire – light to medium pressure. Currently Injured (Reiki Only-Please Call to Schedule)
  • Tasha Blackman – medium to deep pressure.
  • Chris Mattern – light to deep pressure.
  • Rebecca Townsend – light to deep pressure.
  • Erin Salyer – light to deep pressure.
  • Abigail Mckinney – light/deep pressure.

Stress Release – (Currently Injured-Jess McGuire, Chris Mattern,) This is a 90 minute Swedish/Relaxation massage session geared toward those who suffer from anxiety, high-stress, depression, irritability, or just want to relax. The session includes massage, hot stone, aromatherapy, and reiki (Jess only). Please inform us of any allergies or intolerances.

Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy –  (Chris Mattern & Tasha Blackman only) utilizes deep cross-fiber strokes with the thumbs and fingers. Developed by Therese C. Pfrimmer, a registered massage therapist and physiotherapist from Ontario, Canada. Pfrimmer technique establishes a foundation for corrective massage upon which other trouble-shooting techniques may be added. The work enables free flow of lymph and blood, as well improving joint movements and removal of waste products/toxins from the muscle tissue. Conditions that benefit from Pfrimmer include arthritis, multiple sclerosis, headache, and fibrositis, among others.

Prenatal/Pregnancy – (All therapists) is performed by a trained perinatal therapist many methods of massage and somatic therapies are both effective and safe prenatally and during labor and postpartum periods. Prenatally, specific techniques can reduce pregnancy discomforts and concerns and enhance the physiological and emotional well-being of both mother and fetus.

If booking online please put in “notes” how far along you are.

IMPORTANT:  Women should discuss massage with their prenatal care provider prior to making an appointment, as with any therapeutic approach.

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